There is no program for love


Does it need any words to describe this little sad robot that just has found out that there is no program for love? No code that you can download to your memory and that makes sure that your love will be answered, that you won’t get hurt and that you won’t hurt anybody, because the program itself would be fail-proof?
I do not even mention the problem that feelings and emotions are not appropriate for robots who are supposed to think in a strictly logical way and to do hard and dangerous work. So, this teenage robot is the odd one out in robot society, feeling like human teenagers, searching for a place in the world and always having this desperate thought in memory: Will there anybody love me – or just like me – only a little bit?
Pathetic emo-robot bookmark made for the Macabre Monday challenge “Teen Angst”.


3 Responses to “There is no program for love”

  1. 1 linda aka Oz

    ohh that is so sad, poor little robot. Does he have an older brother?

  2. Such a sad but good description of how the bot feels…every emotional!

  3. ooo- I think this is a wonderful creation even with the sadness.

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