I am selfish


because I made this bookmark for me (for me and only for me muhahaharrr).

The theme of Macabre Monday is Vamy Vampyress this week.
First I thought about something real dark and sinister, but I was sure that I was not able to draw my ideas. When I went to Lindas blog to see her entry I read something about cats and an idea took form in my head.
I masked the mouth of my cat stamp which I made last summer from an old eraser. You can see the original here and here. I drew a new mouth with fangs, made some coat for kitty and some wings from holographic foil.
For the bookmark I used some cardboard from a chocolate wrapping, old newspaper and the usual suspects:
stamps (butterflies and dragonflies) and inkpads of black, violet and white.
Some leftover strings, bow made from sewing material I got from my grandmother years ago.
ideas stolen from: Linda aka Oz (see above) and Barb (the altered mouth)

So, it’s just a random combination of leftovers. Who else except me would allow something like that to touch her/his books? I hope nobody because nobody will get it- muhahaharrr (maniac laughter causes a stalactite to drop. Short scream. Loud noise like somthing heavy hits the brain of a mad crafter. silence)


6 Responses to “I am selfish”

  1. LOL! I love how your mind works, Thea 🙂 Very fun “frankensteining” kinda project!!! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  2. 2 Linda aka Oz

    knock knock, are you there? are you concious… because if I find you laying on the floor blacked out still I am stealing the bookmark!!
    I so would let this touch my books insides!!!! LOL
    that cat is fun, vampy and sooooo clever! Oz

    • 3 lachsekatze

      Well, I got my bookmark back yesterday from the Mighty Scanning Guy (my favourite superhero – he has a scanner and does not only allow me to use it, he also scans my cards when I haven’t got the time).
      So, it wasn’t there when you visited lachsekatze’s hidden cave. Well, it seems that you cannot beat the mad crafter when she is working together with a superhero 😉

  3. Awesome! way to think outside the box!

  4. Love the idea!

  5. I love that you made something for YOURSELF! We should all do that a bit more often I believe. Great vamp cat!!!!

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