This looks like


” .. ohh I know. This looks like – you know. like these bottles where you keep perfume?”
” Ehm. No. This is a christmas tree ornament.”
“Oh, since when do you hang little bottles in your christmas tree. Hey, that’s a great idea. perhaps I can alter some small bottles and hang in my tree.”
“No, this should look like a christmas bauble.”
“Oh. It’s not round. So I thought it’s one of these little bottles.”
“Ok, I see. But it’s not only an ornament which you can hang in your tree, it’s also a creeting card. So it has a flat edge where you can fold it open. I glued some white paper inside, so someone can write on it.”
“Does ANYbody need this?”

Well, after a little quarrel with my critical self I decided that these cards are kind of useful: You can send them to a friend and your friend can hang them in her or his christmas tree or where ever s/he wants.

I made this ornament card according to the Saturday Spotlight With Hidden Potential! – challenge. I hope you’ll like it.
Perhaps you can give me your opinion – which side do you like most?

(Click on the images if you want to enlarge them)


hut in snowy landscape

shiny stars

Thanks for having a look.


4 Responses to “This looks like”

  1. Oh wow!! I think this is just gorgeous!!! And it is VERY useful hun!! I for one just LOVE handmade art!! 🙂 It’s so precious to me to receive anything that’s handmade!!

    I am also a huge “star” fan, so I like that side so much!! Thank you for playing along with us at the Saturday Spotlight challenge this week!! Hope you had fun! HUGS

  2. These are just lovely! Handmade ornaments are always the best 🙂

    btw… I LOVE hand drawn images… and you can use ANYTHING you want for the Macabre Monday challenges!!!

  3. So cute and I love it when a card can also be a gift! Thanks for playing along in this week’s Spotlight challenge!!

  4. These are soooo pretty!!!! I really like the one with stars the best!!!
    blessings, Flora

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