This is Halloween


Hier ist eine Karte, die ich für Theme Thursday gebastelt habe, das Thema war Halloween ATC.

This little girl loves to explore dark places. But this time there was something living in the cave.

This little girl loves to explore dark places. But this time there was something living in the cave.

Eigentlich bin ich ja kein Halloween-Fan, aber ich liebe Tim Burton Filme und habe gestern auf Youtube einen echten Schatz entdeckt: Ida
Ihre Macherin findet ihr hier: Katy Towell. Ich finde ihre kleinen gruseligen Mädchen wirklich wunderbar. Davon habe ich mich inspirieren lassen. Ich konnte gar nicht anders.
So entstand meine dritte ATC. Leider, leider sieht man gleich, wo mein Problem bei dem Kärtchen war: Der Klebstoff. Meine Mutter schenkt mir gerne Bastelsachen, am liebsten UHU Alleskleber. Klebstoff kann ich zwar gut brauchen, aber ich komme in der letzten Zeit echt nicht mit den UHU-Tuben klar. Welchen Klebstoff benutzt ihr am Liebsten? Wie sind eure Erfahrungen? Es wäre schön, wenn ihr mir helfen könntet.
Vielen Dank fürs Anschauen, Lesen und Helfen.

I made this ATC for the Theme Thursday Challenge.
I don’t like Halloween very much, but I do love Tim Burton’s movies and yesterday, I’ve found a real treasure at youtube: Ida . Her designer or mommy is Katy Towell. I realy adore her art. My visit on her website was very inspiring.
This is my third ATC and I think you’ll see what was troubling me: The glue. At the moment I use “Uhu Alleskleber” but I am looking for better alternatives. What glue do you use? It would great, if you could spare a second to help me with my glue-trouble.
Thank you very much for your visit and your help.


5 Responses to “This is Halloween”

  1. Oooh, very scary! Great ATC!

  2. Love the colour, Great ATC, but a bit scary..

  3. 3 Terri D.

    i would love to help you with your question but i don’t understand what “the clue” is?? maybe there is another word to help me understand.
    AND i want to say that i love your ATC! i like Tim Burton movies and this looks like it came right off the storyboard of his Halloween movie!!

    • 4 lachsekatze

      My fault: I’ve meant “glue”. Or adhesive. I corrected my spelling mistake in the text.

  4. Love your ATC!!! This is very Tim Burton-ish.
    I use dry adhesives, those are my favorites. Tombo makes a refillable roller that has glue dots in it. It dries flexible, permanent, and you can do large and small area with it.
    For really tiny areas I like Zig glue in the ball point roller ball pen form.

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